Interview avec Louise Lemieux-Bérubé

Exception to the usual English posts on this blog, here is an interview I found online, with Louise Lemieux-Bérubé, an artist from Montréal who works in textiles. Love her accent and delivery… I am reminded of home. Waves of nostalgia!  (The interview is in French – click above for a link to the English version of her website)

Louise Lemieux-Bérubé from Alexis Côté on Vimeo.
Her description of the difference between visual artists who paint, and use “gestures, movement” in a fluid manner to approach their work, in contrast with the approach of weavers like her, who must use a great deal of technical knowledge (calling on the other side of the brain…) to interpret their vision, in a form of “slow art”, really reached me.

Althought quilting techniques are not quite as slow a process as the weaving of textiles, all too often, interpreting one’s vision through the piecing of fabrics remains fraught with a great deal of technicalities, where “artists can get lost in the technicalities”, as Madame Lemieux-Bérubé points out.

I keep asking myself that question: what is more important? The process or the product? That is usually the signal for me to step away from the piece, give it time to breathe. Give me time to breathe…