Clouds Reflected. Photo © Andrée Fredette

Winter Skies

Winter is the time to take a painterly approach to photography. And by painterly, I mean playing with some filters and special effects.

Winter is the time to look at the sky… Especially in the late afternoon, when the light can be magical.

Gulf Islands View, in Winter. Photo © Andrée Fredette

Above, an aerial view of the Southern Gulf Islands, toward the west, at sunset.


Winter View of Plumper Sound, Saturna Island, BC. Photo © Andrée Fredette

And last week,  traces of snow marked the goat paths at the top of Warbuton Pike, on Saturna Island.


When it’s time to leave the island, you take one final look from the back of the ferry…


Saturna Island Silhouette. Photo © Andrée Fredette

That silhouette is unmistakably Saturna Island’s double bump.


Big Sky at the Beach. Photo © Andrée Fredette

This final picture is a repeat of the header (for those who are looking at this page on a small device, which may not show the header). Clouds reflected in the sandy shallows…