Photo Show Opening on Saturna

Next Thursday, August 12, the Saturna Café hosts another show. This time, it’s Elizabeth McColl’s turn to wow us with her photos from Mexico. If you are on Saturna, this is one more excuse to go enjoy a meal with friends, while looking at some great photography!

Image: Elisabeth McColl, Gate (San Miguel, Mexico), 2009
Elisabeth McColl, Gate (San Miguel, Mexico), 2009

Studies in Light
and Colour

New Works by Elisabeth McColl
12 August to 19 September 2010
Opening reception Wednesday 11 August at 7 pm
Saturna Café
101 Narvaez Road, Saturna Island

Art Opening on Saturna

Girl in Red Dress, 2008 – Nancy Angermeyer

This week, Tuesday to be precise, there is an art opening on the island. Artist Nancy Angermeyer will present several of her works at the local café, and I look forward to the ethereal ambiance these pieces will add to the room all summer long.  Her work evokes dream-like travels through a time machine.

Photographic Paintings
by Nancy Angermeyer
30 June to 9 August 2010
Opening reception Tuesday 29 June at 7 pm
Saturna Café, 101 Narvaez Road, Saturna Island

Textiles of the Northwest Coast

The weather has improved and there is plenty to do around the house and garden. Still, planning excursions – even to the big city – can be fun. I am making lists of places to visit this summer, and Vancouver is on my list.

Do you need an excuse to check out Vancouver this summer? Well, here is one from the textile art file... Aboriginal Textile Art

Contemporary Textiles of the Northwest Coast
July 16, 2010 – January 16, 2011
At the Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art
639 Hornby
Vancouver, BC

Time Warp is the first major exhibition to feature the contemporary practice of textile and fibre art on the Northwest Coast. The show celebrates 22 emerging, mid-career and internationally recognized Aboriginal textile artists, (20 female, 2 male), from Alaska, The Yukon, BC, and Washington State.
The works demonstrate a breadth of expertise, innovation, and cultural diversity. Historically, textiles were marginalized because they were, and still are, considered to be women’s work and purely decorative. Time Warp challenges this gender bias, which has contributed to inequalities of recognition and representation.
To learn more:  Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art

Fresh Blue Spring

Spring Wonders

After months of silence, I have decided to get back online. Maybe it’s a little celebration of spring. After months of Pacific North-West rains, I really enjoy the beautiful light that comes through on afternoons when the sun breaks through the cloud cover.

I am wondering if I can get back in the creative groove. Some friends have been encouraging me to get going and there is some work going on in the studio… But the great outdoors is calling to me, and the garden too, of course… And with summer just around the corner, we expect visitors.

So. Steal little moments here and there, and get going on the ideas that have been swirling in my head for a while.

Why not?

And to celebrate spring, here is a blue Himalayan poppy (Meconopsis), grown in a friend’s garden. Lovely combo of hot and cool colours.

Quilts and Photography