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Looking for a Snack – Shoreline Drama

I walk the shoreline several times a week, often with a camera in hand. You never know, something might turn up. The tide might be low enough to offer some interesting tidbits. Sometimes, I take pictures and I don’t really see what I’ve got until I get home and check out the pics on my computer screen, in actual pixels.

Katharina Tunicata
Black Katy Chiton cleaning up a Limpet

This is what happened here… When I took a closer look on screen, I saw the Katy chiton “invading” the limpet’s space. Then I wondered: is it attacking? Is the limpet lunch? Google to the rescue! I found an informative site here, which offered the following info:

Chitons are microphagous browsers that use a rasplike radula to scrape microalgae and associated organisms from the surface of rocks.

So my dramatic interpretation was just that: drama. This Katy chiton is just doing a cleaning up job on the limpet, who is probably “wearing” some microalgae… Or it’s a “get out of my way” move… Who knows?


Mountain Blues and Big Birds

I have been cooped up for long hours, working on the computer, and I needed to get some fresh air…

Here is one of my favourite escapes: a walk to the top of Mount Warburton Pike, on Saturna. It leads to superb view points of ocean and islands. Sometimes, a few flying superstars show up, and do aerial ballets, to the delight of those of us who make it up there.

Eagles flying, San Juan islands in background
Eagles aerobatics.Background: Orcas and San Juan islands.

On the day I took this picture, a pair of eagles was busy doing their thing. There were several more soaring in the thermals that rise in front of the bluffs.

There are also squadrons of crows and, later this summer, teams of turkey vultures. It’s an exhilarating show.

The islands in view are in the US: Orcas islands. Behind them, the straight of Juan de Fuca, and the mountains in the background are part of the Olympic Peninsula, in Washington state. One of these days, I’ll go on a road trip and check it out.

In the meantime, I wander my island and enjoy the great outdoors.