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Wood Pile = Art

The art of keeping warm in winter on these islands involves good insulation, and wood piles.  My neighbours like to say that heating your house with wood keeps you warm three ways: first, cutting the wood, then stacking it, and finally transporting it to the fireplace or woodstove…

Simply stacking wood is an art in itself. Take a look.

Wood Pile and Wheelbarrow


Wood Pile Art, layers
Freshly cut, still to be split

And then, after you got all warm lugging the wood around, it warms you yet again, by the fireplace…

Logs on the fire = Heat

Goofing Around in Photoshop

My mind is in neutral.

I have been staring at a wall full of bright colours, fabrics pinned willy-nilly… and nothing comes to mind right now…

Douglas Fir Cone - Photoshop filter "Posterize"

So I am killing time, toying with some pictures, trying to kindle my creative spirit. Tonight, I am playing with the Photoshop filters. Here is a close-up of a very ordinary Douglas Fir cone , transformed by the application of various filters… It almost looks like an exotic bug!

Douglas Fir Cone - Photoshop filter "Paint daubs"
Douglas Fir Cone - Photoshop filter "clouds"

Oh baby! Look at that one!

Douglas Fir Cone - Photoshop filter

I will have to be careful, this could be habit-forming…

Douglar Fir Cone - Photoshop Manipulations, two filters