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Procrastinating… Caution: Sharp Edges

Doing some clean up in the studio today. Moving things around, filing paperwork, organizing. This is all because it’s easier to do those chores than to make creative decisions.

I am almost at the point of following my friend’s advice: “Cover up the piece that is causing you to pause, and start a new one on top of it!. Get those creative juices flowing elsewhere, and you’ll find yourself returning to the difficult one… in time.”

Probably should follow that advice. In the meantime, Caution, Sharp Edges…

Cardoon Leaf Detail
Cardoon Leaf Detail (Cynara cardunculus)

Looking for a Snack – Shoreline Drama

I walk the shoreline several times a week, often with a camera in hand. You never know, something might turn up. The tide might be low enough to offer some interesting tidbits. Sometimes, I take pictures and I don’t really see what I’ve got until I get home and check out the pics on my computer screen, in actual pixels.

Katharina Tunicata
Black Katy Chiton cleaning up a Limpet

This is what happened here… When I took a closer look on screen, I saw the Katy chiton “invading” the limpet’s space. Then I wondered: is it attacking? Is the limpet lunch? Google to the rescue! I found an informative site here, which offered the following info:

Chitons are microphagous browsers that use a rasplike radula to scrape microalgae and associated organisms from the surface of rocks.

So my dramatic interpretation was just that: drama. This Katy chiton is just doing a cleaning up job on the limpet, who is probably “wearing” some microalgae… Or it’s a “get out of my way” move… Who knows?