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Studio Work – Mark-making

When I talk to non-quilters about the type of work I do in the studio, I find it easier to show them progress pictures. That way, they can appreciate the technical aspect of producing quilted textiles. Of course, quilters are well-aware of the work involved in adding that layer of marks to a piece…

Duo is a quilt I finished last December, and is shown in my Textiles page.

Duo - Quilt Stitching in Progress2

Duo - Quilt Stitching in Progress

November = Colour Celebration

November is usually the month when I dig up the brightest colours and assemble something that cheers me up. The days are short and getting shorter, with darkness descending at 5 pm. In November, every sunny day on the Northwest Coast – like today – is a gift!

Hand-dyed fabrics, pieced... Messy studio

I’ve been sewing madly, listening to jazz pianists like Keith Jarrett, Bill Evans and Oscar Peterson, and other jazz and blues musicians. Putting colours together playfully… inspired by the jazz that surrounds me. Improvising with notes of colour. Below are a few samples of what is happening… and the happy disorder that invades my studio when I am at it!
Hand-dyed fabrics, pieced

In case you are wondering: these are “units”. Made-up bits that I will insert into the piece that is sketched on the wall (to be revealed when I start assembling it).

The last photo is a composite of a September fabric-dyeing session with Barbra and Ellen, my accomplices (with camera credit to Ellen!).  Some of the fabrics I dyed that day are “in the works”…

Fabrics, hand-dyed on Saturna