Muse Winery Art Show: A Report

After the weekend art show at Muse Winery, on Vancouver Island, I got home last night, on the evening ferry. Once the car was unloaded, I put my feet up and had a glass of wine.  My body was tired (and my feet were aching… note to self: “get better shoes”!), but I felt very energized by the weekend. The people, the conversations, the art on display… it was all inspiring.

I have exhibited before, but the settings were entirely different. They were usually textile-oriented events, and most often, I was not in the room! This was definitely a new experience for me: meeting people and talking about my art, while standing right there, in front of it. And more importantly, talking about art quilts with quite a few people who are not familiar with that medium. Once I got over my initial shyness and hesitation, it became fun. I was “forced” to come out of my shell (smile)… and to become comfortable with that “spokesperson” role, not only for my work, but also for textile art in general.

It was especially nice to show my work among a group of artists who work in different media. I think that the contrast between these various modes of self-expression really enhances their display. I will let the pictures of the room speak for themselves. The pictures are a bit dark because I took them just after set-up, before the Friday night “vernissage”, so the lights are not all on….

I am also very happy to report that one of my new quilts – Trio – has been purchased and is going in a private collection.

And now, back to the studio…

Art Quilts by Andrée Fredette at Muse Winery Art Show, December 2011