East Point on Saturna – Photo Wednesday

This afternoon, I went to East Point for a walk.  Beautiful day, lovely surprises. First, the view, from the cliffside…
View from the cliffside of East Point, Saturna Island, BC, CanadaThen, a close up of gorse (Ulex europeanus), an invasive species brought over a long time ago, and making its way around the islands. Spiny, nasty plant with gorgeous bloom… There has to be a good side to everything, right?
East Point on Saturna Island, Gorse (Ulex europeanus), invasive speciesAnd finally, a jewel on the cliff… Indian paintbrush (Castillejia), native wildflower blooming in the sun on a cliff… It cheered me up no end.
Indian paintbrush, castillejia, wildflower, BC coast