Work in progress: texturing stage

My latest quilt is Jungle… and it’s a jungle of stitches out there! I have been putting in the hours for the past two weeks, both on this big one and the smaller companion quilt.

Work is progressing, which is good. I am adding a layer of much more intense texture into this piece than I had planned. Guess I am incorrigible.It’s going to be an interesting piece to look at, once I block it on my work wall.

In the meantime, here is a shot of the beast, in the process.
Work in progress, Jungle, quilt by Andrée Fredette, September 2013Much of the quilting is improvised and I draw inspiration from the colours and the shapes. This quilt is so graphic, with bright contrast, that I decided to stick with “stitching within the lines” rather than add another set of markings by going “off-road”. I think it would have been too chaotic.  Well, it’s how I feel at the moment and this may change in the next couple of days (smile). People who quilt will understand what I am talking about!

And to give a better idea of the texture, here is a picture of the back.
Back view, work in progress, quilt by Andrée Fredette, September 2013Still much more work to be done, one hour at a time. And of course, all the finishing.

Did I mention that I plan to finish this beast by Saturday? Better get going…