Showing Photographs on Saturna

The Point Store Gallery on Saturna Island, BC, is featuring some of my photos this month, until September 25th.

As an experiment, I got some of my pictures printed on aluminum and on acrylic, with very interesting results.
East Point Sky, 30 x 20" photo printed on acrylic - © Andrée Fredette

East Point Sky, 30 x 20″ photo printed on acrylic

The day I took that picture, I had wandered to East Point, on Saturna Island and I was concentrating on the kelp. The previous night had been windy, and the shoreline is always interesting after a big wind…

When I looked up, there was a gift waiting for me: the sky. And these people by the former fog alarm building obligingly provided scale to this grandiose sky.

Speaking of the shoreline after a big wind: a lot of kelp ends up on the shore at low tide. Bull kelp, in particular, fascinates me.

Elegant Duo, Bull Kelp - 24 x 18" photo printed on aluminum © Andrée Fredette

Elegant Duo, Bull Kelp, 24 x 18″ photo printed on aluminum

Wet kelp is very sleek. Its lines are seductive. I tried printing this one on aluminum; in the areas with light pigment, the metal shows through, highlighting the shining effect of the light.

During the opening, last week, I liked watching people interact with this picture. They walked back and forth in front of it, observing the changing light effects.

More experiments to come.