Recon Deer

Reconnoiter (Merriam Webster definition):  to go to (a place or area) in order to find out information about a military enemy : to do a reconnaissance of (a place)…

Well, here is Mr. Junior Black Tail Deer (Odocoilus hemionus Rafinesque… if you want to get formal), doing a recon of my garden fence, at about 50 feet.

Fence Sitter WL

I took this picture of him from my kitchen window. Sure, he looks very relaxed and innocent. Don’t let that fool you. This wily black tail boy is just pretending to enjoy the afternoon sunshine, maybe waiting for the girls to go by.

But all along, he is checking out my fence, to see if he can jump over it, barge through it, or sneak under the gate.

We have an uneasy truce. He recons, and I surveil…