Party Hat – Photo Wednesday

On my errand-running trips to “town” (town means Victoria, on Vancouver Island), I sometimes have a little extra time before I have to head back to the BC Ferries parking lot. And when I do, I love to spend those extra minutes at the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre, in Sidney, BC.

This great little aquarium facility is the equivalent of a quick dive in the ocean. Every visit brings a new surprise. This time, it was Mr. Party Man,  peeking out of a tank…
Little fish at the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre, Sidney. BC. Photo  © Andrée Fredette

I am not sure about the identity of this fish, some sort of sculpin, maybe? When I saw this little guy, I had to get a photo (a bit fuzzy, I used my phone) and capture all that glorious carnival hat thing, that he had going. I assume it’s camouflage. Very jazzy!