Garden oasis. Photo by Andrée Fredette

A friend’s garden – Photo Wednesday

Above: one of the outdoor “rooms” a friend created in her garden.

I explored a friend’s garden last week. An oasis, really.

Magnolia sieboldii. Photo by Andrée FredetteThis is a garden where, wherever you turn, a new treasure awaits. Few blossoms, however, hold the magical effect of Magnolia sieboldii, above. In that garden, the tree has attained a sizeable presence.

There is a clematis collection.

Clematis, lush growth. Photo by Andrée FredetteHere, it helps to define the entrance to the vegetable patch.


Clematis Close-up. Photo by Andrée FredeteI got up close and personnal…

And around the corner, another clematis clamours for attention…

Clematis with lush colour. Photo by Andrée FredetteLike a piece of flashy jewelry.

And there were still rhododendrons, finishing their season…

White rhododendron. Photo by Andrée FredetteLike this virginal white version.

And to conclude, here is an intimate look at a peony.

Intimate look at a peony. Photo by Andrée FredetteI can’t begin to describe the fragrance… Just imagine.