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Work in progress: texturing stage

My latest quilt is Jungle… and it’s a jungle of stitches out there! I have been putting in the hours for the past two weeks, both on this big one and the smaller companion quilt.

Work is progressing, which is good. I am adding a layer of much more intense texture into this piece than I had planned. Guess I am incorrigible.It’s going to be an interesting piece to look at, once I block it on my work wall.

In the meantime, here is a shot of the beast, in the process.
Work in progress, Jungle, quilt by Andrée Fredette, September 2013Much of the quilting is improvised and I draw inspiration from the colours and the shapes. This quilt is so graphic, with bright contrast, that I decided to stick with “stitching within the lines” rather than add another set of markings by going “off-road”. I think it would have been too chaotic.  Well, it’s how I feel at the moment and this may change in the next couple of days (smile). People who quilt will understand what I am talking about!

And to give a better idea of the texture, here is a picture of the back.
Back view, work in progress, quilt by Andrée Fredette, September 2013Still much more work to be done, one hour at a time. And of course, all the finishing.

Did I mention that I plan to finish this beast by Saturday? Better get going…

November = Colour Celebration

November is usually the month when I dig up the brightest colours and assemble something that cheers me up. The days are short and getting shorter, with darkness descending at 5 pm. In November, every sunny day on the Northwest Coast – like today – is a gift!

Hand-dyed fabrics, pieced... Messy studio

I’ve been sewing madly, listening to jazz pianists like Keith Jarrett, Bill Evans and Oscar Peterson, and other jazz and blues musicians. Putting colours together playfully… inspired by the jazz that surrounds me. Improvising with notes of colour. Below are a few samples of what is happening… and the happy disorder that invades my studio when I am at it!
Hand-dyed fabrics, pieced

The last photo is a composite of a September fabric-dyeing session with Barbra and Ellen, my accomplices (with camera credit to Ellen!).  Some of the fabrics I dyed that day are “in the works”…

Fabrics, hand-dyed on Saturna