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Orchid Poetry

Orchids are so elegant . This is a close up of a wild orchid growing in a bog on the San Juan ridge, on Vancouver Island.
I believe it is a fragrant white rein orchid (Platanthera dilatata …hey, I checked here: E-Flora BC!)

I added some filter play, to give it a painterly look… and to camouflage – almost successfully – the  fact that one of the blossoms is out of focus. I have to work on my depth of field adjustments. Learning every day.

Spring Energy, and Hot Pinkies

Calypso bulbosa, a wild orchid
A little spring orchid from my “backyard”: Calypso bulbosa

Now that the sun is a little bit more reliable and dares to show up several days in a row – well, almost – I am coming out of my winter hibernation. I have also tried to spend more time walking every day, roving around, really looking my surroundings.

These days, the woods around here a covered in bright emerald mosses, the result of many many days of rain. They are also punctuated by little calypso orchirds like this one. It’s always a treat to come upon one or several of these little beauties while walking the dog. They remind me of the value of high contrast, to generate visual interest. Who knows, maybe I’ll apply that idea to something textile (she says to herself, with a smile).