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Looking for a Snack – Shoreline Drama

I walk the shoreline several times a week, often with a camera in hand. You never know, something might turn up. The tide might be low enough to offer some interesting tidbits. Sometimes, I take pictures and I don’t really see what I’ve got until I get home and check out the pics on my computer screen, in actual pixels.

Katharina Tunicata
Black Katy Chiton cleaning up a Limpet

This is what happened here… When I took a closer look on screen, I saw the Katy chiton “invading” the limpet’s space. Then I wondered: is it attacking? Is the limpet lunch? Google to the rescue! I found an informative site here, which offered the following info:

Chitons are microphagous browsers that use a rasplike radula to scrape microalgae and associated organisms from the surface of rocks.

So my dramatic interpretation was just that: drama. This Katy chiton is just doing a cleaning up job on the limpet, who is probably “wearing” some microalgae… Or it’s a “get out of my way” move… Who knows?