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Birds on Holbox

I posted the photo of a heron last Wednesday, and that got me started on organizing my pics of our winged friends into a “Birds” folder. That folder is quickly growing. I have a theme!

So, here is a set from from a week spent on Holbox Island, in the Yucatan. The header image above shows the powdery white beach, with an egret taking flight and pelicans in the background. Thank you, Jackie, for showing me this beautiful place (we went to snorkel with whale sharks – it’s fun! – but it’s also a fantastic place to see birds). Here’s proof:

Holbox Sky, Mexico. Photo by Andrée Fredette

First, the setting. Holbox is a very flat sand bar of an island, off the coast of Yucatan. A tiny “downtown” of sand streets lined with hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops… the usual. And a great long beach to walk, practically by yourself… you and the birds, basically. And let’s not forget a very big sky.


Bird Tracks, Holbox beach. Photo by Andrée Fredette

Big birds, and little birds, they leave their tracks on the sand.


Great Blue Heron & Tricolored Heron. Holbox Beach, photo by Andrée Fredette

Above, two herons. I am going to make a guess as to identification: left, a Tricolored heron (Egretta tricolor) and right, a grumpy-looking Great blue heron (Ardea herodias), in the shallows, looking for goodies.

Frigate Birds Tree, Holbox Island, Mexico. Photo by Andrée Fredette

At the end of the island, where the beach was definitely quieter, there stood a lonely tree, fully decorated with Magnificent frigate birds (Fregata magnificens). Just hangin’ out…


Osprey overhead, Holbox Island. Photo by Andrée Fredette

While overhead, an Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) was cruising, looking for lunch.

Osprey with prey, Holbox Island. Photo by Andrée Fredette

Later, a walk to the other end of the island revealed an osprey – maybe not the same one, but its cousin – perched on a tree with a snack.


Pelican and Gulls Line Up, Holbox Island. Photo by Andrée Fredette

Above: in the meantime, seagulls get comfortable (or is that a meeting chaired by the pelican?), waiting for the fishing boats to return in the late afternoon…


Pelican Squadron at sunset, Holbox Island. Photo by Andrée Fredette

As the sun was setting, the pelicans got busy with a final squadron flight, and wild dives for careless fish…

Holbox sunset. Photo by Andrée Fredette

…and then, it was happy hour…


Egret on Silver Water, Holbox Island, Mexico. Photo by Andrée Fredette

And to close this post, a manipulated photo of an egret, taking off on a backdrop of shimmering water.

Go watch birds, it’s good for the soul.