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Natural Wonder – Photo Wednesday

Above: a skyscape captured last night, around 9:30 pm. Cue the Mozart sonatas…

I have been outside and away from my blog for a bit. Here is some evidence of where I’ve been wandering…

Achillea blossom, about to open. Photo by Andrée FredetteAbove, an about to open yarrom blossom (Achillea millefolium), like a treasure in the dry grass.


Bottlebrush, blooming in the garden in June. Photo by Andrée FredetteThis is an Australian bottlebrush (Grevillea), a shrub that survives in my garden in the Southern Gulf Islands of BC. Loved by hummingbirds.

Salvia Blue Angel, in the June garden. Photo by Andrée FredetteAnd this thrilling version of blue is brought to you by a special sage, Salvia Blue Angel.


Hummingbird in flight. Photo by Andrée FredetteSpeaking of hummingbirds, here is a little male, showing off his colours. 

Promise, almost open... Photo by Andrée FredeteThe spring garden is full of promise. Almost open…


Dry grass, almost abstract. Photo by Andrée FredetteAnd in the fields around here, the grass is very dry, and panicles are poetically dancing in the wind…


After the moult, discarded snake skin. Photo by Andrée FredetteAnd in the dry grass, look at what we found: a skin, shed by a snake done with moulting for another little while. Such a delicate thing. Moving on, shedding your skin, there’s a thought.

May sunset wonder. Photo by Andrée FredetteAnd I leave you with a golden liquid sunset from a couple of weeks ago. Again, Mozart time.

Excursion to the Campbell Farm

The other day, it was sunny and I went for a drive. This time of year, sunny days are something to behold. The air is clean and crisp, crystalline. Sunlight that must not be wasted! So I went across the island, over the mountain and down a very steep driveway… all the way to Campbell Farm. They raise sheep for the meat (see this link to the Saturna Lamb Barbecue, our Island’s biggest annual fest), and the wool. After being greeted by a pair of very noisy and curious border collies, I couldn’t resist and purchased a big batch of aran weight wool. You never know, the urge to knit may come during the long winter ahead!
Campbell Farm Woo, Saturna Island - andl Heritage Apples!As for the apples: I found them on the ground, below a lovely and huge apple tree that must have been on the spot, in Thompson Park, for close to a century. The apples had a fearsome nest of defenders… Any attempt at harvesting those apples will have to be undertaken with protective gear.
Apples and wasp nestAnd the horse chestnuts: I just love their texture, although I did stab my hand trying to get a couple of them off the tree! Below: the beach at Thompson Park. Nice spot to sit and enjoy an apple, freshly picked.
Beach at Thompson Park, Saturna IslandThe landscape on the bench in front of the sandstone bluffs is very rural in feeling. Below, a view of the Saturna Family Estate Winery, from the Campbell Farm gate. The temperature in this area is easily 8 degrees warmer than in the forest, on the mountain a couple of kilometers away.

Rural Landscape, Saturna Island - Saturna Family VineyardsNow, I am back at home, hunting for interesting patterns to deal with all that luscious wool. And plotting to go back and raid the apple tree…