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Noisy Neighbours: A Visit

A few days ago, we went on an excursion to the Belle Chain Islets, near Saturna Island, BC. Toby Snelgrove of Mayne Island Tours took us sightseeing. What a great morning on the water!

October Excursion

And what a show! Hundreds and hundreds of birds, on the water and on the rocks.

But the main act was the sea lions. After their customary summer trip up North, where they have a big party, they’re back, on the rocks next to our island.

Steller Sea Lion bull, Belle Chain Islets, BC
Steller sea lions are massive creatures. Noisy, smelly, massive. The males can weigh 450–1,120 kg (990–2,470 lbs)… Big as a cow, and very ornery.

October Excursion2
Two bulls (above)  bear the bite wounds of a recent fight for territory.

Steller Sea Lion2

These junior guys look like they are watching the big boys, learning the moves.

October Excursion3

And right next to the big boys bellowing and fighting, or basking, depending on their mood… groups of cormorants were also taking in the sun, perched on the rocks. Looks to me like they are waiting for the ferry.
October Excursion4

And the tour would not have been complete without the obligatory eagle shot.

A big thank you to Toby Snelgrove, of Mayne Island Tours.