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Succulents – Photo Wednesday

I took a close look at my collection of succulents, while watering them today. Despite the much shorter days, and low light due to grey skies for several days in a row… some of them are blooming. These little pops of colour are a treat.

Succulent Echeveria Bloom WL

Above: Echeveria, doing its thing… This is the grand-child of my original Echeveria plant. It is very productive and keeps “popping” babies in its “armpits” (the bends in the plant’s main stem). I pull the babies out of the parent plant, they even come with starter roots. Very vigorous and accommodating, that Echeveria…

Succulent 2 Bloom WLS

And this one, very dainty little thing.  Could be from the Euphorbia family, but I lost the tag, so won’t know the name until I return to that nursery and take a note of it. Meantime, I enjoyed discovering it in bloom today! Nice treat for November.