Quilt and Stitch… Some Ideas from Australia, Part 5

Wanderings are a great source of inspiration for mark-making.

(My previous Quilt and Stitch posts: One, Two, Three and Four).

A few years ago, I returned from a trip to Australia with a camera-full of photos of rocks, vegetation, landscapes. And a head-full, too!

Uluru or Ayer's Rock, in the late afternoon. Photo © Andrée Fredette


Once I got home, I got busy hand-dying fabrics to build a palette that reminded me of the rocky landscapes and the exotic vegetation I had seen Down Under…

Uluru Erosion. Photo © Andrée Fredette

Above, a shot of the erosion on Uluru, or Ayer’s Rock. Very interesting lines. And that colour!

The quilt top went together quite quickly and it was soon time to add the texturing layer, the quilting. I decided to try wool batting. I found it very “puffy”, light and resilient. That puffiness is useful if you are looking for a way to create contrast between areas of dense quilting and others with looser pattern repeats.

Pattern Build-up in Quilting © Andrée Fredette

In the texturing, I tried to evoke scales, seed pods, leaf veins, water flow… I also had fun with filling-in larger shapes. It’s amazing, really, how a set of lines added inside a shape can completely transform that shape.

Australia Palm Texture. Photo © Andrée Fredette

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Above, a palm tree on Normanby Island, south of Cairns. Everywhere I turned, trees had lots of personality. Lines, ridges, thorns…

Quilting pattern repeat © Andrée Fredette

Above, a set of thorny lines, reminding me of a certain palm tree that was covered in thorns. Nasty thing! (Yes, I accidentally brushed against it and learned a valuable lesson about watching where I am heading…)

Quilting Density Contrast © Andrée Fredette

Above, the wool batting “puffiness” quality shows up between tighter lines of stitching.

Quilting Pattern Contrast © Andrée Fredette

I think that by varying the scale and density of mark-making, I can achieve a more interesting surface. Big contrast.

Quilting Density Contrast2 © Andrée Fredette

Above, another angle.

And to close this post, a leaf that was washed ashore near Cairns. With a little filter play…

A leaf, washed ashore near Cairns, Australia. Photo © Andrée Fredette