Entering the Mark-Making Phase…

It’s that time again: I have reached the mark-making stage in the creative process. I’ve finished a quilt top and it’s “maturing” on my work wall. It’s a large piece.. To explain why I love to add that layer of texture, or marks, I have added a new page to this website, titled – drumroll please – Mark-Making

Stitching Detail on Little Bag - A Warm Up Exercise, by Andrée FredetteWhile I ponder how I should texture it, I will start playing with mark-making, warming up for the big piece. Above, an example of my approach to warming up: a little bag,  the result of my warm up exercise… It’s a great way to loosen up, experiment and discover how to apply new patterns on quilts.

Stitching Detail, Back of Tunicates 1 Quilt by Andrée Fredette
Stitching on a large quilt, viewed from the back

Above, a quilt viewed from the back, showing intense stitching that evokes kelp. Note how I change bobbin thread (the orange thread blob): I just secure the thread with some backstitching, and keep going… Miles of thread and lines. Miles to go before I sleep.