Island View Park and Mitchell Farms, Saanich

On my trips to “town” (Victoria), I often take an hour or more to explore. This time, I went to Island View Beach Park, in the Saanich peninsula North of Victoria, on Vancouver Island.

Not only is this a beautiful shoreline park, but to get there, you travel through a productive rural area – where I often shop for vegetables in the summer and fall.  The picture below was taken in the fall, and shows fields of cabbage.
Fields of the Mitchell Farm, Saanich, BC. Photo  © Andrée Fredette

The land gently rises to a vantage point, then back down to the shore. Once you get to the park, there is a beautiful long view over the water… There are usually quite a few people walking their dogs at the water’s edge. That Friday morning, the light and clouds were especially beautiful.
Friday morning at Island View Beach Park. Photo  ©  Andrée Fredette

And then, I am always surprised by the treasures that show up unexpectedly through my lens. The textures of a ripened seed head of Queen Anne’s Lace (Daucus carota) in the shrubbery leading to the beach….

Queen Anne's Lace Seed Head on the Beach. Photo  ©  Andrée Fredette
and decaying bull kelp (Nereocystis lutkeana) rolled up on the pebble beach by the wind…

Bull Kelp Remnants in Winter. Photo  ©  Andrée Fredette