End of summer? Not Yet!

After a few weeks (has it been that long?) of absence, I am back indoors and blogging.

Even though summer is not officially over, I can feel the change of season in the air.

A new season, and time to get serious about studio work. After a summer of wandering outside and goofing around in the garden, plus taking lots of pictures, it’s time to spend a bit more time inside.

Today, my work space looks like it was hit by high winds. I’ve turned the tables (literally!) to face my design wall – and the music (there is a mini-stereo on the shelves)… We will see if that helps focus the mind… Altogether a good thing. And rummaging through boxes of fabrics, I am rediscovering colours I hadn’t seen in some time.

Let us see what the next weeks bring.I just hope I don’t trip over the fabric.

Busy sewing studio on Saturna island, BC