Poppy. Photo by Andrée Fredette

Poppies are red… or not! Photo Wednesday

I love poppies. In my garden, they finished their big show over a month ago, but that won’t stop me from bragging about their beauty. And individuality.

So today, I will overwhelm you with poppy gorgeousness. Prepare yourself.

Picotée poppy. Photo by Andrée Fredette

Above, a picotée in delicate shades.


Dark picotée poppy. Photo by Andrée Fredette

And its cousin, in dark shades. Note the hot pink near the center…


Poppy Drama Queen. Photo by Andrée Fredette

Isn’t this one the Drama Queen?  Complete with fringe, and high contrast action.


Deepest red poppy. Photo by Andrée Fredette

A beauty in deepest red… and hot pink. Absolutely shining in the sun.


Light pistil poppy. Photo by Andrée Fredette

Hot colour, light pistil, in contrast with the one before…


Cutie pie poppy. Photo by Andrée Fredette

I call this one the Cutie Pie. All pink inside, and deep red outside.


Poppy, up close and personal. Photo by Andrée Fredette

Up close and personal with the Drama Queen. Couldn’t resist.


White poppy. Photo by Andrée Fredette

Then, there is the white one with pink heart and exotic pistil.


Poppy, aging beauty. Photo by Andrée Fredette

And the aging beauty, starting to show its wear and tear, but still showing some flash. Feels familiar!


All together now! Poppies photographed by Andrée Fredette

And this is the “all together now” moment. This is just a section of the poppy riot that occurs every spring in my garden for the past 7 years, because I shake the seed heads in late July, and I encourage a whole bed of them to flourish the next year. Best dollar seed packet I ever spent!