Spider web abstract. Photo, Andrée Fredette

She waits patiently…

Spider on her web. Photo, Andrée Fredette

The web queen. She worked that web between trees and is adding finishing touches. I am happy I saw her before I walked through it.

Some of her colleagues adopt a different approach. They lie in wait on a flower, for example. No nets for them.

Crab spider on a lily flower. Photo, Andrée Fredette

I was fascinated by this one. It even has a pink marking on its abdomen, to better camouflage itself. Impressive. For five days, I returned to this lily and check on the spider’s hunt.

And bingo! On day two, it got a bee. The spider spent a lot of effort dragging this victim around the edge of the petal and under it, in order to package it in silk… for later consumption, I guess. This took several hours and I returned every two or three hours, to check on her progress…

So it goes. As my grandchildren would say, “that’s the circle of life”.